1) Waxing Lasts Longer

If you are familiar with shaving, you know that it’s necessary to shave every day in order to keep your hair growth down. Constant shaving can cause irritation to your skin. Waxing pulls the entire hair out, therefore, leaving you hair-free and smooth for up to two weeks longer.

2) Waxing makes your hair thinner

When you wax, your hair grows back lighter and thinner. Over time, continuous waxing makes your hair follicles weaker, which will eventually make those waxed areas almost hairless! On the other hand, you might experience what seems to be thicker hair when you shave. We recommend you wait until your hair is ¼ Inch before you come for a wax, so that the entire hair can be pulled out, leaving nothing behind.

 3) Smooth Skin

Has your skin ever felt prickly very shortly after you’ve shaved? The answer is most probably YES! When you wax, the entire hair is pulled out, leaving you free of any stubble. As well, our WAXED wax includes moisturizing lotion so the skin will feel smoother after your appointment!

Tired of leaving stubble behind? Shaving can be difficult, especially if you are trying to get rid of hair in hard-to-reach or awkward areas. Our expert Waxologists can reach any angle and leave you feeling smooth all over.

4) Avoid cutting your skin

One of the primary problems with shaving is the risk of cuts caused by sharp razor blades. Getting a small nick might not seem like anything to stress about, but it can be extremely painful in areas such as your bikini line, nether-region, or underarms! If you do cut yourself while shaving, you are more likely to get an infection or extreme inflammation in that area.

People might say that waxing hurts, but our WAXED team will make sure your experience is as pain-free as possible! The more you wax, the less it hurts.

Have we convinced you yet? Call any of our two locations and book your appointment today!